Canton Fair Live Show For Hanger And Mannequin

Canton Fair Live Show For Hanger And Mannequin

The 127th Canton Fair has successfully been closed on June 24.


Eisho Display is a Chinese factory which produces coat hanger. Our clothes hanger includes wooden coat hanger, plastic coat hanger, metal hanger, acrylic hanger and so on. We are coat hanger wholesale which can offer you best coat hanger and cheap hanger.


During this Canton Fair, Eisho Display uploaded abundant products in text, picture, video, and 3D format. We eagerly took part in devising individualized plans for different markets and staged dozens of live shows; displaying product and company in VR and broadcasted their automatic production line; and designing live streaming according to US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa time zones and their client locations in order to receive worldwide buyers.


In this unprecedented time, thanks for all your participation to successfully hold our Canton Fair live show which displayed our hanger and mannequin for casual wear, formal wear, sports & fast fashion, etc. We introduced our newest and best display tool for your reference.


You still can find our Canton Fair exhibits online and feel free to contact us for your demand. We also have some news on our Facebook and YouTube.